Whitney Houston death: Celebrity reactions

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16 of 18: Simon Cowell said this about Whitney Houston following her death on Feb. 11, 2012:

'The only thing you an take away from this is is what the pressures of the business can do to somebody even as huge as Whitney and you hope because of this, it may prevent happening to someone else, I don't know,' he told CNN.

'Her records don't sound old fashioned now. They still sound incredible. She still sounds incredible and they're going to sound incredible in 50, 100 years time. It wasn't just the power of her voice. It was the way she could sell a song, the way she could sell a lyric. She was entitled to be a diva when she's got that much talent.'

'When you've tasted the kind of heights somebody like Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston have got to, in other words, the top of that top of the top ... those kinds of artists, they can't walk away from that kind of success. Every artist like that will always want to be at the top again.'

'That is unbelievable pressure and I think the same must've applied to Whitney, because she didn't want to go out as a lesser artist. She wanted to prove she was a good as she was at her peak and I think that's part of the pressure.'

Cowell also said he and producers of 'The X Factor' were considering adding Houston to the celebrity cast of the FOX singing contest series, following a shakeup of judges earlier in February.

'We were ironically going to meet on Monday (February 13) and of course one of the names we were going to talk about as a possible mentor on the U.S. series of 'The X Factor' was going to be Whitney Houston,' he said. 'I would have liked to have taken her under my wing as well because she would have been the ultimate, ultiamte mentor to any contestant coming on that show.'

(Pictured: Simon Cowell appears in a promo for 'The X Factor,' which debuted on FOX on Sept. 21, 2011.) (FOX)

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