Top 24 Celebrity Cheating Scandals

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10 of 24: Mel Gibson and ex-wife Robyn Moore split after nearly 30 years of marriage in April 2009. The same month as the divorce filings, Gibson was seen publicly linked to Oksana Grigorieva. As speculations rose over their relations, it became public that the two were romantically involved, and that Grigorieva was pregnant with Gibson's child. The two share a daughter, Lucia, who was born in October 2009, and Gibson has seven children from a previous marriage.

He and Grigorieva split in April 2010 and became involved in a child custody dispute. After a January confrontation, she accused him of domestic violence. Tapes of a sexist, explicit and racist rant said to be made by him against her over the phone were posted online in the summer of 2010.

Gibson pleaded guilty in March 2011 to charges of misdemeanor battery against Grigorieva and was given probation. She later dropped her domestic violence claim.

Gibson and Grigorieva separated in April 2010, with a domestic violence investigation following in July 2010. Grigorieva has since dropped the claims of domestic abuse.

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