Rooney Mara, 15 Fun Facts

Slideshow posted in Photos | Monday, December 19, 2011

9 of 15: Mara made a comment in her Allure magazine interview that sparked some controversy for the rising actress. Mara made comments about taking part in the show 'Law and Order: SVU,' making it sound as though it were 'awful.' She has since explained herself, and said the quote was often used out of context.

'It was so awful. So stupid. People are obsessed with that show. I don't get it,' Mara told Allure for their January 2012 issue. 'Me and my boyfriend - although I don't look old enough to have a boyfriend - went and beat up these fat people, and at the end of the show you find out that I used to be obese and I hate fat people. It's ridiculous. Who would ever do that? Who would beat someone up because they're fat? And as retribution, they sodomized her. I mean, I've been sodomized since the beginning of my career. I should have known then it would come full circle.'

(Pictured: Rooney Mara appears in a scene from the U.S. remake of 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.' / Rooney Mara appears in an episode of 'Law and Order: SVU' in 2006.) (Columbia TriStar / NBC)