Roger Ebert dies at 70: Reactions from celebrities he critiqued in reviews

Slideshow posted in Photos | Thursday, April 04, 2013

8 of 13: 'Roger Ebert. Millions of thumbs up for you. RIP,' director and activist Michael Moore Tweeted, in reaction to the news that Roger Ebert had passed away at age 70.

In his review of the controversial 2007 film 'Sicko,' published in the Chicago Sun Times, Ebert said about Moore's documentary film: 'It's a different Michael Moore in "Sicko." He still wears the baseball cap, but he's onscreen less, not so cocky, not going for so many laughs. He simply tells one story after another about Americans who are sick, dying or dead because we have an undemocratic, profit-gouging health care system. Moore's films usually make conservatives angry. This one is likely to strike home with anyone, left or right, who has had serious illness in the family.'

(Pictured: Michael Moore appears in an undated Facebook photo.) (