Roger Ebert dies at 70: Reactions from celebrities he critiqued in reviews

Slideshow posted in Photos | Thursday, April 04, 2013

4 of 13: 'Roger, I hope you're in an infinite movie palace, watching every film the great directors only dreamed of making. RIP, @ebertchicago,' comedian and actor Patton Oswalt Tweeted, in reaction to the news that Roger Ebert had passed away at age 70.

In his review of the 2012 film 'Young Adult,' published in the Chicago Sun Times, Ebert said about Oswalt's performance: 'Patton Oswalt is, in a way, the key to the film's success. Theron is flawless at playing a cringe-inducing monster and Wilson touching as a nice guy who hates to offend her, but the audience needs a point of entry, a character we can identify with, and Oswalt's Matt is human, realistic, sardonic and self-deprecating. He speaks truth to Mavis.'

Ebert also reviewed Oswalt's 2009 film 'Big Fan,' saying: 'Patton Oswalt, best known as a stand-up comedian, brings a kind of brilliance to his performance. He plays a man limited in curiosity, confidence and ambition. He sounds good on the radio because he's listened to thousands of hours of sports radio, which largely comes down to the same verbal formulas repeated time and again.'

(Pictured: Patton Oswalt appears in a photo posted on his official Twitter page.) (Photo courtesy of Patton Oswalt's official Twitter page)