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17 of 22: Wes Anderson's 2012 film 'Moonrise Kingdom' was nominated for one Golden Globe, but it was a big one -- Best Motion Picture - Comedy Or Musical. The nominations were announced on Dec, 13, 2012 a month before the 2013 ceremony.

'I received this news by text message on the fast train to Berlin,' Anderson said in a statement. 'The Hollywood Foreign Press has brightened a bleak snowy day in Germany for me. I could not be more pleased on behalf of our gang.'

(Check out a full list of nominations.)

'Moonrise Kingdom,' a romantic comedy, is set in 1965. Bill Murray and Frances McDormand play parents of four children, including a young girl named Suzy, portrayed by Kara Hayward. They live on an island in New England. Suzy hopes to reunite with her friend Sam, played by Jared Gilman. He is an orphan who staying at a summer camp run by Edward Norton's character, Scout Master Ward.

Suzy and Sam run off together to a cove they name Moonrise Kingdom and begin a romance. Her parents find them and forbid their daughter from seeing him again. Bruce Willis plays a police captain who takes Sam in temporarily, while he and his fellow campers and Suzy devise a plan to help the pair reunite again.

This marks Anderson's first Golden Globe nomination. The director and writer was previously nominated for two Oscars. He and Owen Wilson shared a nod for Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen for the 2001 movie 'The Royal Tenenbaums.' Anderson was also nominated for an Oscar in 2010 for Best Animated Feature Film of the Year for the film 'Fantastic Mr. Fox.'

(Pictured: Bill Murray, Frances McDormand, Edward Norton and Bruce Willis appear in a scene from the 2012 film 'Moonrise Kingdom.' / Wes Anderson appears on the set of 'Moonrise Kingdom,' as seen in this publicity photo.) (Niko Tavernise / Focus Features)

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