Forbes 2011 list of 10 highest-paid men in entertainment

Slideshow posted in Photos | Tuesday, September 13, 2011

10 of 10: Tiger Woods, a champion golfer, earned $75 million between May 2010 and May 2011 and remains the world's best-paid athlete despite a sex scandal that threatened to tarnish his career, according to Forbes' list.

Woods also ranked No. 4 on on the list of least trusted personalities in the United States, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, whose results were released in August 2011.

Tiger Woods attracted world attention when he was involved in a bizarre late-night car accident outside his home with then-wife Elin Nordegren. As speculations rose over the cause of the crash, it was soon reported that Woods was involved in a string of extra-marital affairs. Names of many women were revealed, including Rachel Uchitel.

Woods gave a public apology at a televised press conference which had a very select audience, and openly apologized to Nordegren, saying that his real apology will come from his behavior. He did not specify details regarding his infidelity or confirm any names.

He and Nordegren have two children together, Sam Alexis, born in June 2007, and Charlie Axel, born in February 2009. Woods and Nordegren divorced in November 2010.

(Pictured: Tiger Woods appears in a photo from the PGA Tour on July 4, 2007.) (