Conrad Murray trial: Photos from court

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28 of 127: Oct. 12, 2011: Dr. Nader Kamangar, a pulmonary and sleep medicine expert, testifies at the involuntary manslaughter trial of Conrad Murray in downtown Los Angeles.

He said Murray violated the standard of care and demonstrated gross negligence in his treatment of Hackson by admin propofol outside of an intensive care unit. Murray, Kamangar said, 'abandoned' Jackson, gave him access to drugs and delayed his 911 call.

'It's beyond unethical to manage someone with insomnia with propofol,' Kamangar said, adding that the drug is a restricted medicine and that special training is giving to medical workers who administer it. He said patients treated with it are monitored continuously with required equipment - an EKG monitor, a pulse oximeter and capnometer, adding that the devices contain alarms that detect changes quickly.

Kamangar said lorezapam is also not an appropriate drug to use to treat insomnia, calling it a 'highly addictive drug.'

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