Conrad Murray trial: Photos from court

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27 of 127: Oct. 12, 2011: Dr. Alon Steinberg, a cardiology expert, testifies at the involuntary manslaughter trial of Conrad Murray in downtown Los Angeles.

Steinberg said he found six distinct deviations in the standard of care in Murray's treatment of Jackson. Steinberg stated that:
1. Propofol is not an appropriate medication to treat insomnia. Steinberg said: 'I don't know any doctor who uses propofol to induce sleep,' except Murray.
2. Murray administered propofol at a home setting, without proper medical and monitoring equipment.
3. Murray was not prepared for an emergency situation, as the pulse oximeter he used on Jackson had no alarm, and the doctor also did not have an EKG monitor or defibrillator on hand. Steinberg compared giving propofol in a house while unattended to 'leaving a sleeping baby sleeping on a kitchen counter.'
4. Murray demonstrated improper care to Jackson when he discovered him not breathing, as he did not have an automated blood pressure cuff or a way to summon for help and possessed an Ambu bag but did not use it.
5. Murray should have called 911 before performing CPR on the singer. Steinberg said that summoning Jackson's assistant beforehand was 'bizarre' and that "Jackson was salvable."
6. Murray did not maintain proper medical records on Jackson. (OTRC Photo)