Conrad Murray trial: Photos from court

Slideshow posted in Photos | Tuesday, September 27, 2011

24 of 127: Cherilyn Lee, Michael Jackson's nurse and holistic practitioner, testifies at the involuntary manslaughter trial of the singer's former doctor, Conrad Murray, on Oct. 24, 2011 - the day the prosecution rested and defense attorneys began to call their own witnesses.

'He said, 'I'm having a hard time sleeping,' Lee said. 'I noticed when I was with him, he loved to drink Red Bull and I told him ... caffeine can cause him to feel fatigue. 'He said occasionally he would just take Tylenol PM. He said he would take it sometime at night. He was very concerned about nutrition. He said he would sweat a lot during rehearsal ... he would lose five to seven pounds sometimes just from perspiration.'

Lee said she ran blood tests on him and after reviewing his results, throughout the next few days, she gave him low doses of vitamins B-12, C, amino acid, magnesium and calcium through an IV also made him nutritional smoothies and teas aimed at boosting his energy and helping him with his fatigue and insomnia.

She said that one day, Jackson asked her to observe him trying to sleep, in a bid to show natural treatments were ineffective. Lee said she sat at the singers bedside and observed him trying to doze off after he was given his vitamins and tea. Jackson slept for five hours, she said.

'He woke up around 3 a.m. and he said, 'I told you, I can't stay asleep,' Lee said.

In April 2009, two months before his death, was the first time Jackson mentioned medications to her, she said.

Lee also said that Jackson acknowledged that it was difficult to give him injections and told her: 'Doctors have always told me that it is hard for them to get my veins. Because they are squiggly veins.'

Murray had told police in an interview following Jackson's death that the singer had complained about insomnia and requested that he order propofol and give it to him on a nightly basis. Records presented to the jury in recent weeks show that the doctor ordered more than 4 gallons of it for him.

Murray had told police that Jackson 'begged' for the drug on the day of his death to help him sleep, after being unable to do so for hours. He said that during the two months prior to Jackson's death, he gave the singer propofol '30 days a month, roughly every day' and that he 'handled it fine,' adding: '(Jackson) explained to me that he had taken it multiple times. He used it frequently on his tours. it was given to him by multiple other doctors.' (OTRC Photo)