Conrad Murray trial: Meet the jurors

Slideshow posted in Photos | Thursday, November 03, 2011

7 of 18: Juror No. 7 is a 54-year-old married mother of four children, as well as of one step-child, who identifies herself as 'Mexican-American.' She is from the San Gabriel Valley in California.

She has no college experience and works as a Relocation Representative in the fields of office management and customer service. She previously worked as a grocery store cashier, a receptionist, a sales representative and a secretary.

She says she does not consider herself a fan of Michael Jackson, adding that she 'loved his music as a very young girl. As an adult, not so much, but (I) saw his talent in music and dance.'

She lists cooking as a hobby and enjoys watching 'Two and a Half Men,' 'American Idol' and 'Shark Tank' as well as the National Geographic Channel.

The woman says she follows the news on a daily basis and gets most of her information on current events from radio and television reports. She says she never visits entertainment websites such as TMZ and has never accessed or read blogs about Conrad Murray or Jackson.

She says that prior to the start of the trial, she had seen reports about the case on television and followed it somewhat closely.

The woman says he has followed news about other publicized court cases, namely the trial of Casey Anthony, 'because it involved a child.'

She says she has no experience with the medications that caused Jackson's overdose.

(NOTE: The photo above is a generic silhouette of a woman and does not belong to the juror in question.) ( Photo / OTRC)