Conrad Murray trial: Meet the jurors

Slideshow posted in Photos | Thursday, November 03, 2011

4 of 18: Juror No. 4 is a 32-year-old single man who identifies himself as 'white' and a 'WASP.' He was born in California and lives in the town of Eagle Rock.

He works as a cashier in a bookstore and has some college experience in the fields of philosophy and theater. He previously worked as a house painter, a telecom operater for the U.S. Army and a cashier at McDonalds.

He says he considers himself a fan of Michael Jackson and adds that he owns between two and three of his major albums and listened to the music when he was a child. He says he believes Jackson was 'talented' and 'probably a good person,' adding that he was 'aware of his allegations as to his treatment of children but have not drawn any of my own conclusions without having personal knowledge or seeing any evidence.'

The man's interests and hobbies include hiking, reading and working out. He watches television shows such as 'So You Think You Can Dance,' 'The Office,' 'The Event,' 'Boardwalk Empire' and 'Project Runway.'

The man says he rarely follows the news and gets most of his information on current events online. He says he never follows entertainment websites such as TMZ and has never accessed or read blogs about Conrad Murray or Jackson.

He says that prior to the start of the trial, he had seen reports about the case on television and in a newspaper and spotted headlines about it on magazine covers but but did not follow the news closely.

The man says he has followed news about other publicized court cases, namely the trial of O.J. Simpson, which he adds was part of a school assignment.

He says he has no experience with the medications that caused Jackson's overdose.

(NOTE: The photo above is a generic silhouette of a man and does not belong to the juror in question.) ( Photo / OTRC)