Conrad Murray trial: Meet the jurors

Slideshow posted in Photos | Thursday, November 03, 2011

18 of 18: Juror ALTERNATE No. 6 is a 39-year-old divorced, Hispanic father of one who lives near Pico Rivera, California. He has some college experience and works in the field of banking as a 'check fraud analyst.'

He says he does not consider himself a fan of Michael Jackson.

He lists softball as a hobby and also says he watches ESPN and HBO and reads sports and car magazines regularly.

The man says he follows the news a few times a week and gets most of his information on current events online. He did not indicate if he follows entertainment websites but says he has never accessed or read blogs about Conrad Murray or Jackson.

The man said has followed news about other publicized court cases, namely the trial of O.J. Simpson.

He says that prior to the start of the trial, he heard about the case from online articles and local television news reports but that the only thing he knew was that the doctor was charged with a crime. He says he did not follow the case closely.

The man says she has no experience with the medications that caused Jackson's overdose.

(NOTE: The photo above is a generic silhouette of a man and does not belong to the juror in question.) ( Photo / OTRC)