91 Child stars: Where are they now?

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28 of 91: Alisan Porter is a former child star best known for her role in the 1991 John Hughes film 'Curly Sue.' The native of Massachusetts began her on-screen career in the 1980s and at age five, became the youngest person to appear on the singing contest show 'Star Search.' She was then cast in small roles on the shows 'Pee-wee's Playhouse' and 'Family Ties.'

She starred in the 1989 movie 'Parenthood' before she was cast in her breakout role as the title character in 'Curly Sue' alongside James Belushi and Kelly Lynch. Her family moved to Connecticut when she was a teenager.

'As the buzz from 'Curly Sue' wore off, so did my desire to do film,' she said in a December 2008 article published in Movemnt magazine. 'After years of working as a child, I decided it was time for a break, so my family and I moved to Connecticut to try suburban life.'

She said that thanks to an 'amazing theater program' in her new high school, she found a new love for stage acting.

'I rediscovered my passion, but instead of wanting to perform for the camera, I desired to be in front of a live audience,' she said.

Porter starred in the Broadway musical 'Footloose,' while her family moved back to Los Angeles. She told Movemnt magazine she then 'moved to Malibu to chase a surfer dude, taught dance at a wonderful studio, started a band, played Miriam in 'The Ten Commandments' at the Kodak Theater, recorded my first record, spent four years playing music in Los Angeles, and did a plethora of musicals and random shows.'

Porter's band was called The Raz. 'The Ten Commandments' was a short-lived Los Angeles musical that starred Val Kilmer and Adam Lambert, who would later become a glam rock star thanks to his run on 'American Idol.' Porter played Miriam, Kilmer was Moses and Lambert portrayed Joshua.

Porter moved back to New York in 2006 to star in the Broadway musical 'A Chorus Line.' In fact, her last on-screen role was as a 'Chorus Line' dancer in the 2008 Eddie Murphy film 'Meet Dave.'

In the Broadway production, Porter played Bebe, a role her mother had 30 years beforehand, she told Movemnt magazine, adding: 'I finished A Chorus Line a year and a half later, spent four months in the city losing my mind, and then finally came back to California.'

'It is sometimes hard for other people to see me as anything but 'Curly Sue,'' she said. 'I ask myself if they know I'm a dancer. A choreographer. A teacher. Do they know I write my own music and play with my own band? Do they know I have struggled with addiction and am now proudly a sober woman? Yes, even I didn't escape the child star curse! To me, all these things make up who I truly am.'

On March 20, 2012, Porter wed her boyfriend Brian Autenrieth. The two welcomed their first child, a baby boy, on July 17, 2012. Porter posted Twitter messages about her wedding and pregnancy.

'IM MARRIED!!!!!!' the actress said on her Twitter page.

Porter posted on her Twitter page photos of herself in her strapless, lace wedding gown, which was custom-designed by R-Mine, and the chuppah, or wedding canopy used in traditional Jewish weddings.

Autenrieth is also a former child star who played Brandon Capwell on the soap opera 'Santa Barbara.' He now manages a fruit export company with his family in Southern California.

(Pictured: Right and left: Alisan Porter appear in a photo posted on her Twitter page following her March 10, 2012 wedding. / Center: Alisan Porter appears in a scene from the 1991 movie 'Curly Sue.') (instagr.am/p/ICeDJ5Iq74 / Warner Bros. Pictures / instagr.am/p/ICVmxfl85G)

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