91 Child stars: Where are they now?

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25 of 91: Toby Froud played baby Toby in the 1986 cult fantasy film 'Labyrinth.' Toby's sister Sarah, played by Jennifer Connelly, wishes the Goblin King, played by David Bowie, would take him away ... right now. After he actually does, she regrets saying the words and then must then conquer the monarch's dangerous labyrinth to save her brother.

Toby, who was born in 1984, never acted again after 'Labyrinth,' which was directed by Jim Henson. Toby's father Brian was the costume designer for the movie. Brian describes himself as the 'pre-eminent faerie artist in the world and an authority on faeries and faerie lore,' according to his website. His wife and Toby's mother, Wendy, works as a doll maker.

In 2012, Toby appeared in an episode of the SyFy auction-themed reality show 'Hollywood Treasure.' He wowed the team by showing them the original 'rehearsal' Yoda puppet from the 'Star Wars' films. His mother made it.

Toby currently works at Laika Animation Studios in Portland, Oregon, where he lives with his wife, who is also named Sarah. He has in the past worked as a stilt-walker and as a dancing bear with a troupe in England.

(Pictured: Toby Froud appears in a scene from SyFy's 'Hollywood Treasure' episode 'Hunger for District 12,' which aired on June 5, 2012. / Toby Froud and David Bowie appear in a scene from the 1986 movie 'Labyrinth.') ( Photo / SyFy / Gurney Productions / Lucasfilm / Jim Henson Company / Columbia Pictures)

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