Celebrity divorces, breakups of 2013 / 2012

Slideshow posted in Photos | Monday, January 23, 2012

48 of 143: 'American Idol' season 2 winner Ruben Studdard filed for divorce from Surata Zuri McCants after a 3-year marriage, it was reported on Nov. 16, 2011. The two have no children together. They wed in 2008 in a ceremony in Studdard's home state of Alabama. The couple met in October 2006.

Studdard has since put out a new album, 'Letters from Birmingham,' and opened up about his struggles with his debt, weight loss, and his friend Clay Aiken in March 2012.

(Pictured: Ruben Studdard appears in a promotional photos on his personal Facebook page.) ( Photo / Facebook.com/pages/Studdard-Ruben/49953713381?v=wall)