Celebrity Pets: See stars' furry friends

Slideshow posted in Photos | Friday, December 03, 2010

36 of 40: Animal lover and activist Oprah Winfrey loves her pets and often brings them on her show or features them in her magazine. She has two Golden Retrievers, Luke and Layla, a cocker spaniel named Sadie and two new additions this year - Springer Spaniels Lauren and Sunny. Sadly, Winfrey lost three dogs in three consecutive years. Luke and Layla's sister, Gracie, died in 2007 after choking on a plastic ball. In 2008, Winfrey's beloved Cocker Spaniel, Sophie, passed away and in 2009, Sadie and her brother Ivan came down with a deadly parvovirus. Unfortunately, Ivan did not make it. Pictured: (top left) Luke, Layla and Gracie, (top right) Sadie and (bottom) Winfrey with Lauren and Sunny. ( Photo / Harpo Productions / O Magazine/Alexis Newman)

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