43 Celebrities who have had plastic surgery (Photos)

Slideshow posted in Photos | Thursday, April 07, 2011

7 of 42: Tamar Braxton, who appears with Toni Braxton and the rest of her sisters on the WETv reality show 'Braxton Family Values,' told BET.com in November 2011: "I would like to say I did not have series of work done. I just had my nose done. These are my lips. Everybody forgets we have full lips - I'm a Black girl, sorry. It's not my fault that I'm light-skinned and, no, I don't bleach [my skin]. But don't get it twisted; I would if I wanted to.'

She also added: 'I do wear weaves and I do wear wigs.'

(Pictured: Tamar Braxton appears in a scene from 'Braxton Family Values' in an episode that aired on Nov. 10, 2011. / Tamar Braxton appears in a promotional photo for 'Braxton Family Values,' released in March 2011) (Chris Ragazzo / WE tv)

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