Celebrities who have lost weight

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The late Anna Nicole Smith also had battled weight issues and was ridiculed by the media for her weight gain in the late 1990s. Smith had her own reality show 'The Anna Nicole Show' in which she appeared to have gained weight. In April of 2003, she became the spokeswoman for the TrimSpa diet, in which she took an Ephedra-free pill before every meal.

In 2004, she told 'The Early Show:' 'I wasn't unhappy at all until just everybody just started ridiculing me so bad. I just got to the point that it was just like, 'My God, you know. Just shut up, everybody. What is the big deal?' And then I just looked in the mirror. I'm like, 'I am fat!'

' Smith died at age 39 in 2007 after an accidental overdose. (Pictured: Anna Nicole Smith in a scene from season 1 of 'The Anna Nicole Show,' in the last movie before her death, 'Illegal Aliens' and in a 2005 ad for TrimSpa.)

(Photos courtesy of E! Entertainment Television, Edgewood Studios and TrimSpa)

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