Celebrities who have lost weight

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11 of 44: Shia LaBeouf packed on about 40 pounds to play Jack Bondurant in the gangster film 'Lawless,' and the actor, who became a heartthrob thanks to his role in the 'Transformers' franchise, says the process of the weight gain made him feel like "quite an ugly person" - on the inside.

'Gaining weight, especially for a man, I'm sure for a woman as well, innately changes everything about your entire life,' he said. 'Everything. I mean, the eating and the gaining and the gym is one thing but the way you walk around, the way you deal with yourself. I mean, your vanity level is heavy.'

'If you're eating for objectives, you're in the mirror all the time in a way that I've never been in a mirror,' the actor added. 'It actually made me quite an ugly person in terms of my vanity. I became very, very vain about size. I became goal-oriented with my body, which is vanity and that creates like megalomania, which is disgusting. And you sweat a lot and you snore a lot.'

But after 'Lawless,' Shia LaBeouf had to lose weight - by order of Robert Redford.

'As soon as I got off 'Lawless,' I signed up for a movie with Robert Redford and I was playing more of a vulnerable guy than even Jack, in a reporter, sort of a nebbishy guy and I was told by Redford that I had to lose the weight immediately, so I had a month to drop a lot of weight,' LaBeouf said.

He is referring to the 2012 thriller 'The Company You Keep.' Redford directs and stars in the film.

(Pictured: L to R: Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy appear in a scene from the 2012 movie 'Lawless.' / Shia LaBeouf talks about 'Lawless' in August 2012. / Shia LaBeouf appears at the premiere and after party of the movie 'Lawless,' sponsored by DeLeon Tequila, at Eden in Hollywood on Aug. 22, 2012.) (OTRC Photo / Richard Foreman / The Weinstein Company / OTRC / Earl Gibson III / WireImage)

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