Celebrities who have been to rehab

Slideshow posted in Photos | Wednesday, December 01, 2010

14 of 48: Samuel L. Jackson told host James Lipton on an episode of 'Inside The Actor's Studio' in 2002 that after he began his college studies, he 'did every drug known to man' and struggled with cocaine addiction in 1990, while he was performed as an understudy in the play 'The Piano Lesson' - his Broadway debut.

He said his wife called his childhood best friend, a drug counselor, who got him into a rehab center in upstate New York. Jackson added that he almost didn't film his part in Spike Lee's 1991 movie "Jungle Fever" because he didn't know when he would leave the facility.

(Pictured: Samuel L. Jackson appears at the premiere of 'The Avengers' in Los Angeles on April 11, 2012.) (OTRC Photo)