Celebrities who have been to rehab

Slideshow posted in Photos | Wednesday, December 01, 2010

10 of 48: Russell Brand has battled heroin addiction and alcoholism and spent time at an abstinence-based detox center in his native United Kingdom. He has been sober since 2002 and has been arrested about 12 times in substance abuse-related cases.

He testified about his addiction at a UK parliamentary committee session for a drugs policy inquiry on April 24, 2012 and urged lawmakers to treat addiction as a disease and for those who suffer from it to be regarded with 'love and compassion.'

The British comedian and actor called on the government to approve more funding for treatment programs to help rehabilitate addicts who are arrested.

(Pictured: Russell Brand appears before the UK parliament's Home Affairs Committee on April 24, 2012.) (UK Parliament / parliamentlive.tv)