19 Celebrities who have battled breast cancer

Slideshow posted in Photos | Friday, September 23, 2011

4 of 19: Kathy Bates revealed in September 2012 that she battled breast cancer and was recovering from a double mastectomy. The Oscar-winning actress revealed earlier in the year that she battled ovarian cancer nine years ago.

'Hey All, sorry for the long silence. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 months ago and am recovering from a double mastectomy,' Bates Tweeted. 'I don't miss my breasts as much as I miss Harry's Law. ;-) Thanks for all the sweet tweets. Y'all kept me going.'

(Pictured: Kathy Bates appear in an undated photo for the NBC series 'Harry's Law,' which ran between 2011 and 2012.) (NBC)

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