Celebrities in Car Commercials

Slideshow posted in Photos | Friday, April 15, 2011

4 of 22: Jerry Seinfeld brings back the iconic 'Seinfeld' character 'The Soup Nazi,' played by Larry Thomas, in an Acura NSX ad for the 2012 Super Bowl.

In the commercial, titled "Transactions," Seinfeld visits a car dealership to try to become the first buyer of the new Acura NSX. He attempts to dissuade a fellow customer from purchasing the vehicle by bribing him with cash, the Soup Nazi and other offerings, such as 'the last living Munchkin,' played by Michael J. Anderson, a dwarf actor who starred in the 1990s supernatural mystery series'Twin Peaks.'

The commercial also features Jay Leno, host of 'The Tonight Show' on NBC, the network that aired 'Seinfeld.'

The Soup Nazi is based on a real person, New York City 'SoupMan' Al Yeganeh. In 'Seinfeld,' he operates a soup eatery that enforces strict rules about ordering. If a customer does not follow them, the Soup Nazi barks at him to leave the line, saying: 'No soup for you!'

Check out Jerry Seinfeld's Acura ad, featuring the Soup Nazi, Michael J. Anderson and Jay Leno.

(Pictured: Left: Jerry Seinfeld and Michael J. Anderson appear in Acura's 'Transactions' ad, posted online in January 2012. / Right: Jerry Seinfeld and 'Soup Nazi' star Larry Thomas appear in the ad.) (Acura / youtube.com/user/Acura / youtu.be/WUFSHzT2xuY)