Celebrities - Democrats or Republicans?

Slideshow posted in Photos | Thursday, December 29, 2011

24 of 42: Richard Dreyfuss attended the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado in August 2008, before the presidential election, and donated to Democratic causes from the late 1980s to about 2001.

However, he told CNSNews.com at the National Press Club in January 2012: 'I ceased being a Democrat a while ago.'

Dreyfuss told OnTheRedCarpet.com after the 2012 Oscars that he is calling on every person, namely the right-wing billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch, to re-sign the preamble, 'just as a reaffirmation of who we are.

'Because every [person] ... has a right to know who they are and why they are who they are,' he said. 'So the Koch brothers, I invite to sign the preamble to the Constitution of the United States. If they're gentlemen and they say, 'No,' they should explain why.'

Check out a video of the interview with Richard Dreyfuss here.

The actor, who starred in the 1975 film 'Jaw's and won an Oscar for his role in the 1977 movie 'The Goodbye Girl,' made his comments to OnTheRedCarpet.com after the 2012 Academy Awards on Feb. 26, 2012.

He also told CNSNews: 'I used to think that voting was the be all and end all of citizenship. And now I think citizenship is far more complex, far more constant, far more boring, far more filled with failure and those rare victories, and that that's the greatness of being a good citizen is the willingness to work hard at something that is hard.'

(Pictured: Richard Dreyfus talks to OnTheRedCarpet.com after the 2012 Oscars on Feb. 26, 2012.) (OTRC Photo)