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Considered the least classy contestant, Lacey Connor schemed and lied her way all the way into Bret Michael's bedroom on 'Rock of Love' from 2008 to 2009. The show focused on romance and getting one-on-one time with the Poison heartthrob, Michaels. The natural villain had her eye on victory and knew how to pick off each girl, one by one. Such strategies included telling Michaels anything and everything that would persuade him to want to eliminate a girl; she got in the girls' faces and tempted them to hit her (which would automatically disqualify them from the competition).

Conner had admitted that she got her villainous techniques from another TV villain, Tiffany Pollard, most notably known as New York. Connor has been called 'Psycho Rocker Lacey' and named one of the best TV villains ever. In the end, Connor was eliminated, but made an impression as she has made a guest appearance of every season since her boot.

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