Best Reality TV Villains

Slideshow posted in Entertainment News | Friday, April 08, 2011

18 of 21: Tyra Banks may have felt she had found an overconfident amateur model in Jade Cole, but the villainous diva told banks numerous times that she is 'the undiscovered supermodel.' Cole, from the beginning, has stirred up conflict amongst the contestants in season six of 'America's Next Top Model,' constantly preying on some that she felt to be weak, such as Gina Choe, and annoyed her housemates by making comments such as 'just watch out for Jade, because I'm gonna bring the fire baby.' Her lack of humility led to her undoing on the show. But one thing the overconfident model said will always be true, 'Jade will be hard to forget.' ( Photo / The CW/10 by 10 Entertainment)

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