Before they were stars: Celebrities' past jobs

Slideshow posted in Photos | Wednesday, February 16, 2011

4 of 80: Gerard Butler has a law degree from Glasgow University. He was fired from his first job at a firm and never practiced law again.

'I don't quite know how I got through my last two years of law school because by then, I was already partying a lot and not really taking my responsibilities too seriously,' the actor said on 'The Howard Stern Show' on Sirius XM radio in November 2011. 'I took a year out. I came over to America. I was always getting in trouble. I was thrown in jail like a bunch of times. I was definitely drinking. I was not an alcoholic. I wouldn't say a drug addict at all. Yeah, I took drugs. I was a Venice Beach bum.'

'It was just one thing after another,' Butler added. 'I think in two years I had something like 33 days off work and 27 were Monday and then there were like five Tuesdays and then one Friday. I wasn't showing up and when I did I think they thought it was better if I didn't. I was completely bored. It was horrible. Despite the fact that I was kind of all over the place in my life, I think there was still that part of me, spiritually, that was very well aware that this was not where my life should be.'

(Pictured: Gerard Butler talks to at the premiere of 'Machine Gun Preacher' in September 2011.) (OTRC Photo)