'90s TV stars: Where Are They Now?

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85 of 108: The late Shari Lewis, a real puppeteer and ventriloquist, played every character on her own children's show 'Lamb Chop's Play-Along.' She had created the character of Lamb Chop, which became her sassy alter-ego, on her other program, 'The Shari Lewis Show,' which ran in the 1960s.

Lamb Chop stole the spotlight in the 1990s. Anyone who watched the show couldn't forget Lamb Chop's adventures and of course, 'The Song That Never Ends.'

Lewis continued on the legacy of Lamb Chop in several TV movies, such as 'Lamb Chop and the Haunted Studio,' and 'The Charlie Horse Music Pizza,' all of which she also produced herself. Her final voice-over role as Lamb Chop was in 'Wrongfully Accused,' which was released in 1998.

Lewis passed away on Aug. 2, 1998 in Los Angeles from uterine cancer complications. She was survived by her second husband, writer Jeremy Tarcher. The two married on March 15, 1958. They had a daughter, Mallory Tarcher.

(Pictured: Shari Lewis appears with her puppets in a publicity photo for 'Lamb Chops Play-Along.') ( Photo / Classic Media)

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