'90s TV stars: Where Are They Now?

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71 of 108: Xena' sidekick, Gabrielle, blossomed from an ordinary story-telling bard to a warrior. Following her days on 'Xena: Warrior Princesa,' O'Connor went on to be a cult figure in the lesbian community due to the nature of the duo's relationship.

After the show ended in 2001, O'Connor made guest appearances on various television series, such as 'Mataku,' 'Criminal Minds,' 'Ark' and television movies such as 'Alien Apocalypse,' and 'Monster Arc.' In 2011, she filmed two movies - 'Infinity' and 'Beyond the Farthest Star.'

In October 2000, O'Connor married Steve Muir, who is from New Zealand, where 'Xena: Warrior Princess' was fimed. They had a son, Miles, who was born in September 2001. O'Connor and Muir divorced in 2004. The actress went on to date Jed Sura, an actor and producer, and their daughter, Iris, was born in March 2006.

(Pictured: Renee O'Connor appears in a scene from 'Xena: Warrior Princess.' / Renee O'Connor appears in a publicity photo.) ( Photo / MCA Television)

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