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William Shatner is seen in this State Farm Insurance ad, posted online on Nov. 14, 2011. - Provided courtesy of State Farm Insurance

William Shatner warns about turkey fryer fires in State Farm PSA (Video)

11/16/2011 by Corinne Heller

William Shatner is on fire.

With the help of computer graphics, the 80-year-old "Star Trek" actor is seen setting himself ablaze accidentally in a new State Farm Insurance ad titled "Eat, Fry, Love" that details the dangers of deep-frying a turkey.

The public service announcement was released earlier this week, ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, which takes place on November 24 and will see millions of Americans serving up turkey dishes.

"Hi, I'm William Shatner and I love fried turkey," Shatner says in the ad. "So join my fryers' club. But turkey and oil are a dangerous combination, so watch this video. I want to know how you plan to keep yourself, your family and me safe from turkey fryer fires."

He lays out the equipment needed to deep-fry a turkey and says: "Okay. Hot oil. Wet frozen turkey. Pushed together, make steam pushing the hot oil over the top and igniting over the open flame. Don't do that."

Shatner then realizes he has put too much oil inside the fryer, but it is too late - a fire is ignited after he drops a whole turkey into it, covering his arm and the floor with flames.

"What have I done?" he says, as he puts the fire out. "Look at this! That is so stupid!"

Check out the video below.

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