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Tony Danza steps in as a high school English teacher for reality show

09/29/2010 by Kristina Lopez

A production still of Tony Danza from 'Teach' (A&E) Tony Danza says he didn't know what to expect when he stepped in to teach English at a Philadelphia high school for the A&E reality show called Teach.

The series, which premieres Friday, follows Danza's year as a teacher and shows the Who's the Boss? star crying in the first few episodes. "You see yourself in them. You want them to learn from your mistakes and you can't get it through to them," he told The Associated Press.

The actor began teaching last fall at Northeast High School and the school's assistant principal, Sharon McCloskey, praised his efforts. "You're hoping that all the new teachers grow the same way he did," she told the wire service.

The series comes at a time when shows like Teach and films like Waiting for 'Superman' are examining America's public school system.

"I want people to think that everybody can help every kid in America get a good education," Waiting for 'Superman' director Davis Guggenheim told OnTheRedCarpet.com recently."You know I'm surprised myself think that we're now at a moment where we have to face these things and the crisis is huge and it affects all of us."

Danza meanwhile, also received glowing praise from his students after his social experiment finished. "He brought a lot of joy to our class and the whole school," said student Ileana Morris.

The actor plans on writing a book about the experience.

Teach premieres on A&E on October 1.


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