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Tom Cruise dangles off world's tallest building in Dubai while filming 'Mission: Impossible movie Ghost Protocol'

11/01/2010 by Corinne Heller

Tom Cruise speaks to the Associated Press in October 2010. (Photo courtesy of AP) Tom Cruise recently performed a death-defying stunt that saw him dangling more than 2,700 feet in the air from the Burj Khalifa tower, the world's tallest building in Dubai, while shooting his new film Mission: Impossible movie Ghost Protocol, the fourth movie in the spy series.

Photos of Cruise's stunt were published in the UK newspaper The Sun. The 48-year-old reprises his role as super spy Ethan Hunt in the film, which is due for release on Dec. 11, 2011.

Jeremy Renner of The Avengers and The Hurt Locker and British actor Simon Pegg of Shaun of the Dead and Star Trek are also set to star. The movie is being shot in Dubai as well as in Moscow, Prague and Vancouver. Cruise has often performed his own dangerous stunts for his films.

"You need this big scale and this city, in the way that Brad is shooting the picture, in your dream of places you would want, this would be the city," Cruise told the Associated Press in a video interview, referring to director Brad Bird. "It's incredibly cinematic. It's a centerpiece for our film."

Meanwhile, Deadline.com reported recently that Cruise has been offered a role as a bartender in a film adaptation of Rock of Ages, a Broadway musical starring American Idol alum Constantine Maroulis that includes 1980s rock songs from artists such as Whitesnake, Journey and Damn Yankees. Cruise has not commented on the report.

A Top Gun sequel in also in the works and director Tony Scott has reportedly said he wants to make a film about unmanned aircraft rather than about fighter pilots. It is unclear if Cruise will appear in the movie.

The 1986 movie helped turn Cruise into an international sex symbol and depicted male students of an elite flying school for fighter pilots. In the film, his character engages in a romance with a civilian instructor, played by Kelly McGillis. Top Gun 2 screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie told Vulture earlier this week: "There is no Top Gun 2 in which Maverick is not the starring role."

Check out the Associated Press' interview with Tom Cruise: