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Teresa Giudice's lawyer defends $60,000 shopping spree

08/17/2010 by Corinne Heller

Teresa Giudice's lawyer defends $60,000 shopping spree Teresa Giudice's lawyer has defended the Real Housewives of New Jersey reality star's recent purchase of some $60,000 worth of home furnishings, made after she and her husband filed for bankruptcy.

"That was the money she earned as an advance for her book Skinny Italian," attorney Jim Kridel told People magazine. "Since she earned it after the filing, she was absolutely free to spend it. Legally, you are entitled to spend money you earn after a bankruptcy."

Teresa Giudice and her husband Giuseppe "Joe" Giudice listed $10.98 million in debt when they filed for bankruptcy in October and recently put some their "designer home furnishings" and personal items up on the auction block to try and pay some of it off. The auction, which includes the couple's wedding rings and children's toys, was supposed to take place on August 22 but has been postponed to October 3.

According to New Jersey bankruptcy court papers, the couple bought $60,000 worth of household furnishings within two months after their bankruptcy filing.

"She needed to re-buy furniture because she didnt have any furniture in the house," Kridel said. "Its a big house and she wanted furniture consistent with her style on the show. There is nothing wrong with doing that, except that it doesnt look good for her to be doing it."


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