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Snooki of 'Jersey Shore' calls 'South Park' spoof of herself 'amazing'

10/15/2010 by Corinne Heller

A scene from 'South Park's Oct. 13 episode, which featured a spoof of 'Jersey Shore's 'Snooki'. (Photo courtesy of Comedy Central)Nicole Polizzi, aka Snooki from the raunchy MTV reality series Jersey Shore, says a recent parody of herself on the satirical animated comedy show South Park was "beyond amazing".

In the episode the cartoon characters targeted a rat-like creature dubbed "a Snooki", which was dressed in a skimpy top and fuzzy slippers and scarfed down pickles and a pina colada as the town battled an invasion of "New Jerseyites".

In one scene, the people corner the creature and one person says "That thing is famous? Why?" Another person shoots at "Snooki" but misses, after which she humps another male character and then jumps out of a window.

"South park was beyond amazing lol!!" Polizzi said on her Twitter page. "Now all we need is my favorite show - FAMILY GUY! lets go #familyguy!"

Family Guy, another satirical cartoon series, recently poked fun at child actor Jonathan Lipnicki, saying he was cute as a kid but dubbed him "hideous" as a young adult. Lipnicki laughed off the comments.

Nicole Polizzi, aka Snooki, appears in an undated 2010 photo  posted on her Twitter page. (Photo courtesy of twitter.com/sn00KI) In September, Polizzi, known for her bright, skimpy outfits and loud voice, was fined about $500 and ordered by a judge, who called her a "Lindsay Lohan wannabe", to serve one day of community service after she pleaded guilty to interfering with "the public's right to find enjoyment on the beach" while filming Jersey Shore in July.

The 22-year-old was booked on July 30, a day after the reality show's second season premiere aired on MTV. Polizzi's attorney said an intoxicated Polizzi stumbled into some people on the Seaside Heights beach and used loud language.

Polizzi said she didn't remember much of the arrest and later said she thought the comparison to Lohan, who recently completed stints in jail for a 2007 DUI and cocaine possession case, was unfair.

MTV has said Jersey Shore, which documents the antics of several party-loving, self-proclaimed "Guidos and Guidettes," will return for a third season.

Polizzi, who had been denied an official request to trademark her nickname because it is too similar to that of a cat in a children's book, made headlines last year after the posting of an internet video that showed her getting punched in the face by a 24-year-old high school gym teacher during a confrontation at a bar.

Polizzi's father has said he found it difficult to understand why audiences were drawn to his daughter's wild antics.

Check out a clip that shows South Park spoofing Snooki, from an episode that aired on Comedy Central on Wednesday:

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