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Tom Amandes talked to OTRC.com at the Scandal at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences on May 16, 2013. - Provided courtesy of OTRC Joshua Malina talks to OTRC.com on the set of Scandal on April 4, 2013. - Provided courtesy of OTRC
Tom Amandes reveals 'Scandal' prank
Joshua Malina on playing jokes 'Scandal'

'Scandal' prank: who did Shonda Rhimes 'kill off'? (Video)

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05/17/2013 by OnTheRedCarpet.com Staff

Tom Amandes, who plays Governor Samuel Reston on "Scandal," talked to OTRC.com at a "Scandal Event" at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences on May 16, 2013.

While the actor kept quiet about the events in the finale of the show, he did reveal a prank that show creator Shonda Rhimes played on Joshua Malina, who plays David Rosen on the show.

"At the read-throughs, nobody gets the script ahead of time. So it's amazing to see the actors get surprised by what's there and, in fact for this last one, I guess Josh Malina has a habit of like sitting down and immediately paging through to the end of the script," Amandes said. "So Shonda actually came up with fake end of the script pages that killed his character off."

"Isn't that the meanest thing in the world? And I'm sitting next to him and it's just like ... he goes red," he added. "Then he like looks around and it's like, 'Ok. Can I have a real script please?'"

Malina actually has a reputation of being the prankster amongst the cast and talked to OTRC.com about it in April when correspondent Tony Cabrera visited the set.

"See people assume that I love April Fool's Day because I'm a bit of a prankster, but it's the worst day of the year because there's a spotlight on people like me," Malina said. "I like to operate in the shadows."

"I like playing jokes on people. I'm a pot stirrer more than a class clown. I like to set people against each other," he added. "I like to make people feel insecure about their jobs, I like anger, I like confrontation."

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