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Reese Witherspoon in a still from the movie Four Christmases. - Provided courtesy of New Line Cinema

Robert Pattinson is 'extraordinarily attractive' says costar Reese Witherspoon

12/07/2010 by Kristina Lopez

Reese Witherspoon says she finds her "Water for Elephants" costar, Robert Pattinson, "extraordinarily attractive."

The actress made her comments about the "Twilight Saga" hunk to MTV during an interview to promote her upcoming film, "How Do You Know?"

In the film, which is based on a novel by Sara Gruen, Pattinson plays a veterinarian who joins the circus to take care of the animals. He falls in love with Witherspoon's character, an equestrian star in the circus, who is married to an abusive animal trainer.

Witherspoon tells the music network that while filming "Water For Elephants," "Twilight" fans would camp out for a glimpse at Pattinson. "The only thing I can compare it to is when Leo [DiCaprio] was in 'Titanic,'" she said. "It was that kind of fervor about a person. The women lining up outside the set - it was just unbelievable - till 5 o'clock in the morning waiting to just glimpse him."

She went on to compliment her costar saying, "Robert is such a great guy from a great family."She added, "That's the thing that's so funny. He's not really this bad boy; he's just a great guy and really worked hard on 'Water for Elephants.'"

"Water for Elephants" is set for release on April 15, 2011.

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