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Pictured: Redmond ONeal appears at a Los Angeles court for his arraignment on felony drug charges on Friday Jan. 9, 2009. Right: ONeal appears in a mug shot for his arrest on August 2, 2011. - Provided courtesy of OTRC

Redmond O'Neal back in jail, allegedly used drugs in rehab

09/15/2011 by OnTheRedCarpet.com Staff

Redmond O'Neal, the son of actor Ryan O'Neal and late actress Farrah Fawcett, is back behind bars and his probation has been revoked after he admitted that he used methamphetamine while serving time in a rehab facility, court officials said.

The 26-year-old has battled substance abuse and has been in and out of jail for years. In late August, he pleaded no contest to felony possession of heroin and unlawful possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and was sentenced to to five years of probation and ordered him to undergo treatment at a facility for one year.

Redmond O'Neal has not commented. He was taken into custody on Thursday, September 15 and is being held without bail.

O'Neal admitted his violation at a hearing on Thursday, Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office spokesperson Sandi Gibbons told OnTheRedCarpet.com in a statement, adding: "He was remanded. The alleged violation involved the use of methamphetamine, following a call he made from a pay phone on September 11. Counselors at the rehabilition facility notified the court."

The Los Angeles Times reported that O'Neal had called someone from a pay phone and had methamphetamine brought to him at the facility.

He is set to return for sentencing on October 7.

"The court said it was making no promises as to whether he would be sentenced to state prison or return to his current live-in drug rehabilitation program or another such program," Gibbons said.

Redmond O'Neal's latest probation stems from an arrest in August. He was detained near Los Angeles for a suspected traffic violation and charged on August 4. Authorities said they found heroin in his vehicle and after they executed a search warrant at his apartment, they also found a 9 mm semi-automatic handgun in his residence.

Prior to the incident, Redmond O'Neal was on probation for a 2009 drug case. On Wednesday, he was also sentenced to 33 days behind bars for violating it, but was credited for time served. His previous probation was extended to September 2014.

Redmond O'Neal, Fawcett's only child, was treated for heroin addiction in 2004. In 2008, he suffered a relapse and was arrested and convicted of drunk driving and drug possession and was given probation. Also that year, he and his father were arrested at the actor's Malibu home for alleged possession of methamphetamines. The two were eventually ordered to complete treatment programs.

In April 2009, Redmond O'Neal was arrested and charged on suspicion of bringing heroin into a Los Angeles jail, which he had visited with a friend. He was detained behind bars and was released temporarily to be able to go see Fawcett, who was battling cancer, in a hospital. The "Charlie's Angels" actress died the following June at age 62. Redmond O'Neal was also allowed to attend her funeral.

In September of that year, Redmond O'Neal pleaded no contest to his charge. He was sentenced to 249 days in county jail and given probation for three years. He served 167 days in custody and released early, after which he was sent to rehab. He completed his treatment for drug addiction in August 2010.

Ryan O'Neal, Fawcett's on-again, off-again life partner, has three other children. The 70-year-old "Love Story" actor's daughter, Oscar winner Tatum O'Neal, also battled a heroin addiction and spent time in rehab more than once, including in 2008 following a drug possession arrest.

She and her father star together on the OWN reality show "Ryan and Tatum: The O'Neals," which airs on Sundays.

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