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Pixar announces two new movies at D23 Disney Expo

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08/20/2011 by Olivia Allin

Disney announced the production of two new Pixar projects at the company's D23 convention in Anaheim on Saturday.

The first project is an untitled work by Oscar-winning director Pete Docter ("Up") which is still secretive and the second is currently being referred to as the "Untitled Pixar Movie about Dinosaurs" and will be directed by Pixar veteran Bob Peterson, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The dinosaur project is reportedly aiming at a holiday 2013 release and will be set in a world where an asteroid did not take out the dinosaur population, allowing the creatures to keep evolving.

Pixar unveiled a piece of concept art at the expo, which featured a "small humanoid silhouette on top of the head of a brachiosaurus," according to the trade publication.

The D23 Expo also hosted the casts of "The Avenger," "John Carter," "The Muppets" and "Brave" and unveiled trailers and sneak peeks for the films.

Watch the trailers for Pixar's upcoming films "Brave" and "John Carter" below.

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