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Patrick Stewart appears in a YouTube video posted on Aug. 27, 2013, of him teaching a master class on the quadruple take. - Provided courtesy of http://www.youtube.com/user/madameozell

Patrick Stewart's 'Quadruple Take Master Class' (Video)

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08/28/2013 by Kristina Lopez

Former "Star Trek: The Next Generation" star and "X-Men" actor Sir Patrick Stewart gave his fiancee, Sunny Ozell, a little master class in what he called the "quadruple take."

The 73-year-old appeared in a video posted by Ozell on YouTube on Aug. 27 demonstrating the take. He is seen sitting down wearing a gray hoodie and shorts with Ozell's feet resting on his knees. The video can be viewed below.

"So we're at the point in this class when I'm about to show you the quadruple take," Stewart said in the beginning of the video. "It's a rarely used device in comedy, but it has its place."

Stewart then demonstrated single, double and triple takes using the line, "Her buns are the best," before he prepared to show the quadruple take.

"I'm just going to run through them again one more time, just so that you've got them and when I finish, there will be a little pause and I will show you the quadruple take," Stewart said in the video. "Now what you have to understand about the quadruple take is it is not in the same style as the take, single or double take, right? It's a different style of physical comedy."

Stewart then demonstrated the quadruple take, which he noted with a laugh might've actually been the "quintuple take" because he "lost count half way through."

"But you get the principle," Stewart said. "It remains the same."

Check out Stewart's master class on the quadruple take below.

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