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Patrick Stewart appears in a photo posted on his Twitter page on May 29, 2013. / Patrick Stewart appears in Star Trek: The Next Generation. - Provided courtesy of twitter.com/SirPatStew/status/339786117530415104 / Paramount Television

Patrick Stewart had first pizza slice? Not exactly (Photo)

05/30/2013 by Corinne Heller

Sir Patrick Stewart did not have his first pizza this week, but he did enjoy a delicious breakfast -- after having a little too much to drink.

The 72-year-old British "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "X-Men" film actor has clarified some things about his pizza past after a photo he had posted on Twitter, showing him at an eatery with a slice, went viral. In his accompanying Tweet, published on Wednesday at 9:51 a.m. ET, Stewart said: " My first ever pizza 'slice'. Please note: the authentic NY fold."

The actor, who is also seen wearing a Montreal Canadiens (Habs) baseball cap and holding a soft drink, had visited Smiling Pizza, an eatery in Brooklyn, New York, where he lives with his fiancee, Sunny Ozell. Stewart told New York Magazine that people "misunderstood" his original message.

"There was a school of thought that I had eaten my first pizza, but of course how could that possibly be true? I would have had to have stayed locked up in a cellar," he said. "But nevertheless, this was my first slice of pizza, which I was only eating because my fiancee and I were a little hungover yesterday morning and she said what we need is pizza and a soothing drink -- and she was right. It solved the problem."

"I would go in there and order a pizza and eat a whole pizza," he added. "It was the concept of the slice that I had never encountered before."

Stewart also said that he was in his 20s before he even saw a pizza, which wasn't as popular in his native England in his younger days.

"The high point of my career"

Stewart's Tweet even made headlines across the pond.

"I look on this as maybe being the high point of my career, if not my life," he told the UK-based BBC News, when asked how he feels about his Tweet going viral. "To have something like this happen is like a dream come true and I'm so excited I can barely think or speak or move.

On Thursday, May 30, Stewart Tweeted: " To clarify: 1) I've never had a 'slice' 2) I've been a Habs fan all of 4 weeks 3) I'm also a fan of Bloomberg's soda legislation." (Note: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to place limits on the number of ounces of sugary, non-milk-based drinks that city businesses would be permitted to sell, in a bid to curb obesity).

Brent Spiner, who played Data on "Star Trek: The Next Generation," weighed in on Stewart's pizza drama.

"I saw @SirPatStew eat a slice of pizza 22 years ago," he Tweeted on Thursday. "But, to give him his due, he thought it was a hamburger."

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