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Keith Urban appears on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Oct. 28, 2013. - Provided courtesy of The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Nicole Kidman's husband Keith Urban talks 'sex texting' (Video)

10/29/2013 by Joseph Apodaca

Keith Urban revealed Ellen DeGeneres in a recent interview just how he keeps his relationship alive when he and wife Nicole Kidman have conflicting work schedules.

The country singer, who was announced as a returning member of the "American Idol" judging panel earlier this summer, told DeGeneres that when he and Kidman have hectic work commitments that keep them a part, the couple will usually make up for it by talking on the phone, and also revealed candidly that occasionally, the couple will engage in "sex texting."

"We never text, we never email, phone calls only, which I really love that," Urban said to DeGeneres on Oct. 28. "Maybe one text, maybe one cool, kind of, you know, a year, one of those kind of texts. Yes, one of those ones with the accompanying photo."

When DeGeneres pressed for Urban to elaborate on what exactly he meant, Urban said, "Nice sex texting. 'Stexting'. I'm a little red right now, isn't that weird."

Urban also explained to DeGeneres while the two do spend some time a part with their commitments to respective projects, the couple tries to not go more than a week without seeing each other.

"I always structure my tours so I'm never gone for weeks at a time," Urban said. "I'll do three shows in a row, be home for three or four days, go back and do three or four shows, and that works out good until 'American Idol' comes along and fills in those days in between. And it's doable until a film comes along that shoots in London and then we're like, 'okay, we'll figure this out. We make it work'."

Watch Keith Urban's full interview with Ellen DeGeneres below.

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