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Neil Patrick Harris appears in a still from the trailer for The Smurfs, which is set for release on August 3, 2011. - Provided courtesy of OTRC / Columbia Pictures

Neil Patrick Harris appears in full-length trailer for 'The Smurfs'

03/11/2011 by Olivia Allin

Neil Patrick Harris and "Glee"'s Jayma Mays star in a new full-length trailer for the upcoming 3-D movie, "The Smurfs," set for release on August 3, 2011.

Patrick Harris and Mays play a human couple living in New York who receive the smurfs after evil wizard Gargamel chases the creatures out of their magical world and into ours. The smurfs try to get back to their village before Gargamel finds them in the Big Apple.

Voicing the smurfs are Katy Perry (Smurfette), Alan Cumming (Gutsy Smurf), Paul "PeeWee Herman" Reubens (Jokey Smurf), "SNL" cast-member Kenan Thompson (Greedy Smurf), comedian Jonathan Winters (Papa Smurf), "The Office" cast-member B.J. Novak (Baker Smurf), comedian Jeff Foxworthy (Handy Smurf), comedian George Lopez (Grouchy Smurf) and professional chef Wolfgang Puck (Chef Smurf).

Hank Azaria plays the evil Gargamel while "Modern Family"'s Sofia Vergara plays an executive at a high-end French cosmetics company, with Tim Gunn acting as her executive assistant in the movie.

"The Smurfs" is set for release on August 3, 2011. Watch the full-length trailer below.

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