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Country singer Mindy McCready performs Nov. 14, 2008, in Nashville, Tenn. Nashville police say McCready has been hospitalized after an apparent suicide attempt Dec. 17. - Provided courtesy of AP / AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

Mindy McCready denies shooting boyfriend David Wilson

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01/29/2013 by Nichole Hamilton

Country singer Mindy McCready wants to set the record straight regarding her boyfriend David Wilson's untimely death.

"I have never gone through anything this painful," she said in an interview with NBC's Dateline, which the "Today" show also aired a portion of. "He didn't just touch my heart, he touched my soul. He was my soulmate."

Wilson, a 34-year-old singer-songwriter, was initially rushed to the hospital earlier in January after reportedly suffering a self-inflicted gunshot wound that did not immediately kill him.

McCready is facing suspicion over her boyfriend's death amid rumors he was having an affair, according to Today. The singer, however, denies that her "life partner" was cheating, saying: "David was not having an affair with another woman. That is absolutely, totally untrue."

McCready was then asked directly if she shot the father of her child, to which she adamantly replied, "Oh, my God, no. He was my life. We were each others' life."

The country singer went on to explain that she was with Wilson after the shooting.

"I just started screaming, calling 911," she told the show. "I lay down next to him and just just pleaded with him not to die ... He was responding," she added, saying he was only making "sounds," not words.

The investigation regarding Wilson's death remains open, and there are no suspects in the case at this time. Tests from the Arkansas crime lab are due back in a couple of weeks, and will allow the sheriff to make a determination if the case is a murder or suicide, according to the show.

On January 14, it was announced that McCready was grieving over the death of her "life partner," Wilson.

"David was my soulmate," McCready said in a statement obtained by People on January 14. "He was a precious gift from God to all of us and, yesterday, he returned home and is now with his mother and father. David loved and was loved. Those who knew and loved him will miss him; those who did know know David missed the opportunity to know a truly loving and gifted man."

The pair welcomed their first child together, a son named Zayne, on April 9, 2012.

"Zayne is truly a blessing and a joy," McCready and Wilson said in a statement to E! News on April 12, 2012. "It was a long and trying pregnancy - we're so happy he's here. There are no words to convey how happy we are."

McCready also has another son, Zander. She made headlines in December 2011 after refusing to return him back to his Florida home following a visit. McCready's mother, Gayle Inge, was awarded guardianship of Zander in 2007 following the singer's trouble with the law.

The singer has dealt with domestic abuse, drug and DUI arrests as well as a suicide attempt since the mid-1990s, after she released her double platinum debut album "Ten Thousand Angels" in 1996.

McCready appeared on the third season of Dr. Drew's reality drama series "Celebrity Rehab" in 2010.

Watch her interview from the "Today" show's website below.

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