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Michael Douglas down to one cancer treatment, report says

10/06/2010 by Kristina Lopez

Michael  Douglas appears in a scene from 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps'.  (Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox)Academy Award-winning actor Michael Douglas is almost finished with the series of treatments for his throat cancer, reports People magazine.

"No further treatments are scheduled," Douglas' publicist Allen Burry told the magazine. "Hes really happy about it ending."

The final treatment, which is said to occur this week, ends eight weeks of radiation and chemotherapy treatment. Michael Douglas first made an announcement in mid-August that doctors had found a tumor in his throat. Last week the United Kingdoms Telegraph reported that his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones left the Ryder Cup in Wales to be with him.

"This type of cancer can be brought on by alcohol and tobacco abuse and by a certain type of sexually transmitted reason, but I look at it as stress," the UK newspaper The Mirror quoted Douglas, 65, as saying in September. "I've had a pretty stressful year on a number of fronts, some of which were public and some of which weren't."

Throat cancers can be cured 90 percent of the time if detected early, according to the U.S. National Institute of Health. But the side effects of treatment are harsh.

"Chemotherapy takes its toll, the more you keep doing it you lose your energy and it gets more difficult to swallow," Douglas said. "I'm having a crash course education in just how nasty these cancer cells can be. I've always worked hard and played hard and I'm sure I'll be cleaning up my act in the future. But I'm still looking forward to a good glass of wine when I get my taste buds back."

Douglas told The Mirror, "I've always prided myself on putting as much as I possibly can into everything I do and I'm going to beat this."


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