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Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones talk 'Hope Springs' - See video

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08/12/2012 by Kristina Lopez

In their latest film, "Hope Springs," Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones play a pair of empty nesters who are trying to bring the spark back into their marriage.

Streep says that it's often the women who are the ones who try fix relationships, but her character uncovers things in therapy she was not ready to handle.

"I think women in general are more interested in spelunking around inside a relationship and finding out what makes it work and trying to make it better," Streep said in an interview provided by the film's studio, Columbia Pictures. "Guys often are not that interested in going there. That was interesting."

"Part of the drama of this piece is that, you know part of the conflict is that she wants to go and he doesn't but once they're there, things are present that make her uncomfortable," Streep added, "that she didn't anticipate and he's sort of willing for that to happen."

In the film the couple goes to a retreat in Maine to see a relationship therapist played by comedian Steve Carell, who is likely best known for playing Michael Scott on "The Office."

"He just played a therapist very, very well," Jones said.

Streep added, "He has, sort of a natural grace to him. Even when he's playing his outrageous character on 'The Office.'"

"He knows when to let something sit," Streep said. "Beautiful timing as an actor and he's a sensitive soul and very, very funny."

"Hope Springs" hit theaters on August 10 and opened up in fourth place at the box office for the weekend, just behind "The Dark Knight Rises."

Check out the trailer for "Hope Springs" below.

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