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Marty McFly of 'Back to the Future' originally played by Eric Stoltz before Michael J. Fox was cast (Video)

10/12/2010 by Corinne Heller

Stoltz in a deleted scene from 'Back to the Future'. (Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures) Eric Stoltz was originally supposed to play Marty McFly in the iconic 1985 time travel film Back to the Future but was later replaced by Michael J. Fox, who portrayed the hoverboard-riding teenager in all three films in the trilogy.

Footage of Stoltz in deleted scenes appears in the Back to the Future 25th Anniversary Edition of the trilogy, which is set to be released on Blu-Ray and DVD on October 26.

Stoltz, 49, filmed the movie for five weeks before director Robert Zemeckis, his co-writer Bob Gale and the film's producers decided to recast the role.

"He showed me the first five weeks of footage cut together and he just said, 'I don't think we are getting the laughs that I was hoping we would get,'" executive producer Steven Spielberg says in a clip on the disc set. "I looked at Bob and I realized he was absolutely correct."

Zemeckis called Stoltz a "magnificent actor" but said "his comedy sensibilities were very different from what I had written with Bob and he and I just never were able to make that work. So I had to make this horrific decision which was very heartbreaking for everybody but luckily I was able to convince the studio to let me reshoot five weeks of work."

Casting changes were not uncommon throughout the filming process of the trilogy. Mcfly's girlfriend Jennifer was played by Claudia Wells in the first movie in 1985 and by Elisabeth Shue in the second and third films. McFly's father George was portrayed by Crispin Glover in the first film and was later replaced by Jeffrey Weissman.

Corey Hart, best known for the 1984 song "Sunglasses At Night" was offered the role of McFly first and turned it down, the singer said on his website, without elaborating.

Stoltz has starred in films such as Mask with Cher, Some Kind of Wonderful, The Passion of Ayn Rand with Helen Mirren and Pulp Fiction. He also played Daniel Graystone on the show Caprica and directed Tuesday's episode of the FOX musical sitcom Glee.


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