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Lina Morgana originated Lady Gagas style, mother claims

09/11/2010 by Kristina Lopez

Left: Lady Gaga in the 'Beautiful, Dirty, Rich' video, Left: Lina Morgana from 'My Angel' video A young singer named Lina Morgana, who worked with Lady Gaga before she shot to fame with 2008s The Fame, originated Lady Gaga's now famous stage style and flair, Morganas mother claims.

In a report by The New York Post, Yana Morgana says "Lady Gaga is holding Lina's soul, and I want her soul to be free."

According to Yana Morgana, the two were introduced by Rob Fusari - a producer who Lady Gaga just settled a lawsuit with. The pair worked at his New Jersey studio in 2007 and allegedly, the plan was for Lady Gaga to write hits that Lina Morgana would sing.

Lina Morgana was a resident from Staten Island whose parents emigrated from Russia. "Lina had a hard life because we emigrated from Russia. People would make fun of her because she was different, her mom was a single mom," Yana Morgana says.

The young singers mother claims that Lady Gaga took aspects from Lina Morganas life to give herself a darker background from her Manhattan upbringing.

"Every other word she says is from Lina. She talks about having a dark and tragic life, but she had everything she wanted in the world, Yana Morgana tells The New York Post. She went to [the same] high school as Nicky Hilton, her parents were rich. But Lina did have a tough life, and she often talked about her tragic life."

Yana Morgana suspects that during their collaboration, Lady Gaga became influenced by her daughters style and performing techniques. She created a collection of photos and videos as proof.

A year after working with Lady Gaga, Lina Morgana jumped from the roof of a 10-story hotel in Staten Island in October of 2008. She was 19-years-old.

Lina Morganas former boyfriend, Tyler Schwab, tells The New York Post that after seeing a video of Gagas, "It was the same style, the same look, the same music, the same voice, the same jaw line -- the way they expressed themselves."

However, Yana Morgana says shes not looking for money.  "I'm not looking to file a lawsuit. I just want them to acknowledge Lina as an artist and release her music," she said.

Lady Gagas representatives have not commented on the story.


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