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Kim Kardashian talks importance of Twitter after hack

02/22/2011 by Janet Kinnaman

Kim Kardashian said she holds Twitter dear to her heart after her account was hacked by someone who pretended to Tweet as her.

"They were just writing silly things to their friends and thought it was funny and started following a bunch of people," Kardashian told OnTheRedCarpet during a recent appearance at Macy's to promote her namesake fragrance.

"It sucks, because I love communicating with my fans and Twitter is the best way," she said. "Nothing major but still an invasion of privacy."

In addition to using Twitter to keep in touch with her fans, Kardashian said she also uses the technology as a type of "free survey" to test the waters in her business ventures.

For example, Kardashian said she wasn't sure whether to go with a light pink or a brighter pink for her perfume bottle. After polling her fans on Twitter, she ultimately chose the lighter shade of pink.

"So Twitter really helped me select my fragrance in design," she said.

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