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Kelsey Grammer invests in conservative entertainment network

09/08/2010 by Kristina Lopez
Kelsey Grammer open to marrying new girlfriend, who is pregnant with his fifth child

Actor Kelsey Grammer has become an investor and face of a new entertainment network designed to appeal to conservative values, according to The Associated Press.

"We're not out to vilify or accuse or identify anybody as an enemy," Grammer told the wire service. "We're out there to encourage people to open their minds and take a look at some things that we as a group of people believe is the right direction for the country.

RightNetwork, which officially launched Wednesday, is trying to establish itself based off a video-on-demand service, internet, and mobile phone services - skipping over the traditional television medium.

Some of the programming includes a show called Running, which follows Tea Party-backed candidates running for public office. There is also Right2Laugh, which will include stand up comedians like Evan Sayet and Kivi Rogers, and Politics and Poker, where card players talk politics during card game play.

"If you have NBC, ABC, you have entire networks flooded with a very particular point of view," Grammer said. "They won't admit it, but it's clearly the way it is. There's plenty of room for us."

Grammer is not an actor or producer of any of the network shows, he is a primary investor. Another investor in the private company is Ed Snider, owner of the Philadelphia 76ers and Flyers as well as chairman of Comcast-Spectacor - though the network does not have any deals with the company yet.

Currently, Verizon FiOS and Nokia customers can only access the networks shows, according to AP.

Grammer said, "We're middle-of-the road people who have a fairly conservative approach to government, that's all. Less government. He added, "It's not some insidious group of people who are plotting some horrible takeover."

The 55-year-old actor recently announced his girlfriend Kayte Walsh is pregnant with his fifth child.

ABC is the parent company of OnTheRedCarpet.com.


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